oil, 22 x 18 in.

oil, 26 x 22 in.

oil, 14 x 11 in.

Jean-Yves Boissé, was born in Loches (Touraine) in 1954.

Jean-Yves Boissé has been painting for many years and follows his heart and paints and draws in the mood of his predecessors: Jacob Van Es, Jan Davidsz de Heem, Peter Benoit, Peter Boel and many others. His classical still-life subjects are often simple, rustic, everyday items. Some include ancient pottery and others are personal choices that have some meaning. He enjoys the solitude of painting still-life and is absorbed by the light, which is cast on his subjects. The artist demonstrates the timeless beauty in the basic simple themes that are found in his paintings. He very clearly continues the uncomplicated subjects that remind us of life in a different century, when the world moved at a very different pace.

Yves has very much placed himself among the finest of the few artists who dedicate themselves to this very time consuming and classical style, which is greatly admired yet is so rarely found among today’s contemporary artists.


- Concours des Ecoles, Ville de Tours
- Salon de Joue-les-Tours
- Salon du Val de Loire a Tours
- Salon du Chevalet de Touraine a Tours
- Salon d’Azay-le-Rideau
- Salon du Ripault a Monts
- Salon de Chancay
- Salon de Joue-les- Tours
- Salon de Vouvray
- Salon du Mans
- Salon Regional des Armees au Mans
- Salon d’Avignon (Mondial Art)
- Salon Regional des Armees a Brest
- Art et Poesie Chateau de Tours
- Salon de la Mairie du IV de Paris
- Salon de Lorient
- Salon de Descartes
- Salon des Artistes Francais (Grand Palais a Paris)
- Salon d’hiver de Paris


- First Prize de Peinture des Ecoles, Organise par la Ville Tours
- First prize de Peinture a l’Huile (Joue-les-Tours)
- Prize de la Nouvelle Republique (Val de Loire)
- Prize des Vins de Touraine (Chevalet de Touraine)
- Prize du Comite des Fetes (Azay-le-Rideau)
- Prize du Ripault
- Prize de Chancay
- First Prize de Peinture a l’Huile (Vouvray)
- First Prize de peinture a l’Huile (Salon des Armees Le Mans)
- Gold Medal de la Nature Morte (Avignon)
- Prize du Jury (Chateau de Tours)
- Second Prize du Salon de Lorient
- First Prize de Pastel (Descartes)
- Prize Paul Sabach Decerne par l’Academie des Beaux-Arts de Paris
- Medal of Honor (Salon d’Hiver de Paris)